Steel expertise for all industry sectors

Southern Steel QLD supports Queensland’s construction, infrastructure, transport, agriculture, mining, and defence industries with expert steel supply, processing, and distribution.


Southern Steel QLD has built robust partnerships with commercial, industrial, residential and rural construction enterprises. Collaboration ensures a comprehensive understanding of specific steel requirements, enabling us to provide solutions that surpass industry standards.

Our consistent and reliable supply chain, sourced from top-tier Australian and international mills, ensures accessibility to various construction materials, including structural steel, merchant bar, structural tube and pipe, plate, and sheet and coil.

Southern Steel QLD’s processing, project management and distribution are indispensable assets for our customers. With extensive stockholding and in-house nesting and programming resources, we ensure efficiency in every aspect of the project lifecycle.

Construction site with screens for safety


  • Structural steel
  • Universal and welded beams
  • Universal and welded columns
  • Equal and unequal angles
  • Parallel flange channels


Southern Steel QLD is the preferred partner for industrial enterprises needing top-tier steel products. Positioned as a leader in servicing Queensland’s infrastructure projects, we specialise in supplying, processing and delivering high-quality steel for large-scale industrial applications.

Our commitment extends from delivering precision-formed steel for bridges, buildings and stadiums to supplying steel for new commercial structures and public amenities. Southern Steel QLD sources premium steel from Australian and international mills with complete traceability and certification.

Our extensive experience, cutting-edge machinery and advanced technology enable us to process every piece to exact specifications, guaranteeing faultless results. We work closely with project managers, engineers and fabricators to ensure that our products meet deadlines and budgets consistently.

The key differentiator lies in our experience handling large-scale infrastructure projects, making us the first choice for industrial companies seeking high-quality steel solutions.

Aerial view of a multi-level interchange freeway


  • Bridges and bridge components
  • Overhead passes
  • Commercial construction steel
  • Railways
  • Foundations
  • Safety barriers


As Queensland’s premier steel supplier and processor, we’re dedicated to serving the heavy transport sector. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience, we guarantee that our components meet the highest quality standards and are ideally suited for the harshest Australian conditions.

Our expertise extends to the precision manufacturing of components for various heavy transport vehicles, including semi-trailers, cattle trailers, low loaders, side tippers, heavy haulage trailers, dump trucks and tilt trailers.

We specialise in cutting and forming non-standard and oversized components, employing advanced techniques to press extra-long lengths of steel materials without the need for joins and welds. This commitment to precision and quality ensures that our products consistently meet the demanding requirements of Australia’s heavy transport industry.

  • Semi-trailer and trailer production
  • Tipper bodies
  • Chassis rails
  • Truck sides and floor pressings
  • Headboards and tailgates
  • Coamings and mudguard rails
  • Aluminium rock sheets
  • Ring feeders
  • Water carts


One of Queensland’s most vital economic engines lies in the agricultural sector. With a legacy spanning decades, we have been the preferred choice for Queensland farmers, serving as their go-to steel manufacturer, processor and distributor of high-end quality steel products.

Southern Steel QLD has consistently pioneered innovation and upheld uncompromising quality standards for rural products, including essential equipment such as sprayers, spreaders and chain rakers.

Our suite of steel products tailored for agricultural and rural clients is crafted to meet and exceed the highest industry standards. Our meticulous attention to detail, commitment to old-fashioned service and values, and competitive pricing have enabled us to cultivate enduring relationships spanning generations.

Harvester Harvesting Barley in Outback area
  • Farm equipment components
  • Conveyors
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Feeder troughs
  • Silo construction components
  • Tank components
  • Harvesting equipment parts
  • Chaser bin components

Quarries & Mining

Catering to quarries and mining sites, Southern Steel QLD provides an array of steel products essential for entire quarry and mining operations. Our offerings include screens, conveyors, hoppers, chutes and critical structural components like support beams, columns, platforms and walkways. In addition, we supply plate steel and steel pipes in diverse grades.

The distinct elements of quarry and mining operations demand various steel materials, including long products, galvanised, aluminium, plate, and sheet and coil. The backing of Australia’s largest independent steel company ensures we maintain comprehensive stock and possess the capability to process all types of steel. Our proficiency extends to precision cutting and forming, allowing us to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Multiple mining trucks in a mining site
  • Vehicle and machine assets
  • Truck bodies, liners and wear parts in Q&T
  • Excavator or shovel buckets
  • Stacker/reclaimer components
  • Drag line buckets
  • Dozer blades and body components
  • Drill rigs (surface and underground pressed sections)
  • Underground mine equipment
    • LHD buckets
    • Grader blades
    • Longwall and tyre handler components
    • Chutes
    • Feed sumps/feed bins
    • Pulley shells, idlers and conveyor components
    • Vibrating screen and hydrocyclone body components


Southern Steel QLD is a trusted supplier to the defence sector, providing specialised steel components for armoured personnel carriers, amphibious military vehicles, combat support vehicles and tanks that adhere to the steel guarantees of ISO9001.

Our expertise, reliability, in-house processing capability and quick turnaround times are pivotal in sustaining a stable and predictable supply chain within the defence sector.

Meeting the unique demands of the defence sector, we supply steel materials that undergo processing of the highest integrity. These materials are designed to be robust, durable and sustainable, meeting the stringent requirements of hostile and complex land and sea environments.

Specialised engineering and expert knowledge are crucial components of our approach, ensuring the delivery of the highest quality products to precise specifications.


  • Tipper bodies
  • Headboards and tailgates
  • Water carts
  • Skins
  • Trays
  • Truck sides and floor pressings

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